Alle Patches sind für die deutsche Version des Spiels!

Patch 1.1 ca. 317 MB

Patch 1.1 – 1.2 ca. 496 MB

Patch 1.2 – 1.3 ca. 62 MB

Patch 1.3 – 1.4 ca. 268 MB

Patch 1.4 – 1.41 ca. 9,5 MB

Patch 1.41 – 1.5 ca. 303 MB

Patch 1.5 – 1.6 ca. 261 MB






OpenWarfare Mod

  • Added an option for frozen players to be able to look around instead of being forced with a fixed view.
  • Added an option to show information about how long the player was frozen and which teammates helped him/her unfreeze.
  • Voting at the end of the game will not activate if enabled when the admin manually sets the next gametype/map combination through the AACP.
  • New option to set the maximum distance a player can travel while spawn protected.
  • Added a new variable to completely disable bullet penetration.
  • Added a new option to punish players shooting at spawn protected players.
  • Added a new option to the AACP to manually redirect players to another server.
  • Added new options for Gun Game for players to automatically level up.
  • Players will have the Gun Game on the scoreboard now.
  • Added a new variable to control the gib effects in the game.
  • Added a variable to control the extraction time in Assassination.
  • New option where players can break their ankles if they fall and take damage reducing their speed 75}5.
  • New option where players’ speed will be reduced if shot on the upper part of a leg.
  • New Fitness Control System (FCS) to control player running, walking, and jumping.
  • Added a countdown timer to ready-up to force a match/round start even if the players are not ready.
  • New Visual Gametype Mover replacing the old mover code. You can move spawns, objective bombsites and flags, explosives, and the HQ hardpoints. Visualize and create your own gametype experience!


  • Scores will be completely hidden in gametypes where score indetifies a kill when scores are hidden.
  • Added a condition to prevent a player from getting his class resetted on team switch if the player can carry over his/her loadout without affecting any class/weapon limits.
  • Sniper rifles with increased range can now shoot barrels to set them on fire.


  • Added a check for idle monitor to prevent a possible syntax error setting a timer to a negative value.
  • Fixed a problem with variables in S&D.
  • Fixed anti-camping to make sure it doesn’t activate once the player is unfrozen in Freeze Tag.
  • Added a condition to the vote counter in the AMVS to make sure items with no votes are taken into consideration when there are no votes at all.
  • Fixed a problem with the return to spawn AACP function returning the player to the admin’s last spawn point instead of the player’s.
  • Fixed a health system bug where the wrong dvar was being used for health regen method.
  • Fixed a problem with 3rd person view switching to 1st person when the player was killed.
  • Fixed the match results for Gun Game.
  • Fixed a bug with AMVS using allowing only one gametype.